Day one of being a vegetarian…

starts with resentment.

Nuff said.

I should add that I feel that I have no choice after seeing a film called ‘Earthlings’. Check it out below.

Blue Man Group – Earth To Humanity

Can you hear?

Terence McKenna – Culture is NOT our friend

Mentos & Carlsberg

The whole Coca Cola Light & Mentos thing has slipped past few, but if you’re not familiar, have a look at this article. Without further ado, what happens when you put a Mentos in a Carlsberg.


This doesn’t just go for American students (even though the video addresses them directly), this goes for all of you.
P.S. Update on last weekend coming soon. Probably.

Fire Show at Rila

Surprise! Another video! Check out the fireshow from last Saturday‘s psytrance party!

Taking Action Against Climate Change, the best choice

In the whole climate change debate (it’s ridiculous it has to be a debate), I decided that the possible cost of NOT taking action, would FAR outweigh the cost of taking action NOW. Actually, what would be so bad about preventing climate change? Living in a cleaner, healthier world? The cities wouldn’t be so filled with smog, there would be less polution, no more oil wars… Sounds a lot better.

Anyway, the following video argues the same thing, but in a way that’s a bit more digestible than my elaborate theories.