Two Web 2.0 Tips!


Just found a really nice tool for shameless self-promotion. A simple tip to increase your SEO ratings.

Go to right now! If you don’t have a Twitter account yet, open up one. Basically, you can let RSS2Twitter export any RSS link straight to your Twitter (the Picasa one doesn’t seem to be working though). Easily increasing links back to your website. Encourage other people to do the same and who knows how fast you might rise in the indexes.

Here’s the next cool thing.

Selecting tags for your site

If you’ll have a look at the bottom of the menu on the right on this page please, you’ll see that I have links to some of my bookmarks there. If you click through to my account (add me!) however, you’ll see that I’m bookmarking a lot more. Have a look here: These are the links that are exported to my site by adding an RSS feed widget to my blog. This specific site (everything tagged ‘baslife’ by ‘Spartz’ (me)) is automatically aggregated to this page. Ain’t that sweet?

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Tag drafting

Just came across a very interesting notion called “tag drafting”. Most of us are familiar with sites like, stumbleupon and Technorati (if not, join the revolution today) and are developing our own ways for using these sites effectively.

Here’s another philosophy to increase your efficiency and effectiveness in finding interesting sites. Drafting is a phrase also used in racing, where it means that cars get behind each other (especially at high speeds) to decrease air resistance. Tag drafting is essentially the same thing, using the momentum of tags to find information in an efficient way. You basically keep an eye on a particular topic, let’s say “internet”, but it’s more effective to filter out what you want (eg. “internet + law + blogs”) so that you get a rather specific feed of what you want… because, the great thing about all these web 2.0 sites is they have RSS feeds, so you can easily keep an eye on these self-created channels.

You could also start tagging a lot and after a while some sites will recommend similar users to check out (StumbleUpon does this). Keep an eye on these users… because soon you won’t have to do any searching for yourself anymore and these users (who all have their RSS feeds) will provide everything for you.

Quite a simple way to do things, I was already doing it, but the phrase tag drafting is just great for it, because it describes exactly what it is.

For more, check out another post from the same blog where Sean goes into the Visualization of Tag Drafting: