Why you should use StumbleUpon, reason #2

Okay, another reason why you should use StumbleUpon is something that I started using a lot quite recently. I accidentally emailed my complete GMail addressbook recently with an invite to StumbleUpon, really hate it when that happens, but it resulted in a lot of people signing up. So now, when I’m surfing the web, I use this tool included in the Stumble bar, which is just awesome. It’s the “Send to” option. Basically, whenever you’re viewing a website and you know that a particular friend of yours would really like it, you can easily send it to this friend with two mouseclicks from the main browser window. No need to log into anything or other bull****. This friend can then view whatever’s recommended with just one mouseclick from the main browser window. It’s a really awesome tool that I want to start using more. So friends, acquaintances, readers… PLEASE sign up!

Go check out my profile, add me as a friend, I will do the same. After that, we can easily exchange links. No more hassle with instant messengers or emailing.

I need your help!

Dear readers,

Something sad has happened… It seems that I am no longer able to stumble pages on the website of my work. Which is said, because I’m in the process of adding social bookmarking to these pages. As most of you know, once a place is getting traffic through social bookmarking, the likeliness of this traffic increasing rapidly is big.

So… I know messages like this are often ignored (I can see what links are clicked and which aren’t, Big Bas is watching you ;-)). Please, if you read this, go check out these 3 pages (1 2 3) and Stumble! whichever you like best.

You might be the only one, so please help a friend out. Okay, I’m overdramatising, but please take a minute to help me out with my work placement here.

Thanks so much!