Particular type of spam gaining popularity

Got another peculiar email like the recent one. This time in another mail box. The weirdest thing is that there is no link included in the email, suggesting that they’re sending these out to determine if your email account is active (since there are TONS of dead email accounts on the web). Replying to this could most likely double your spam in no time. So my advice: don’t reply.

Anyway, might as well have fun and use Guerrilla Mail to reply to this, which provides you with disposable e-mail addresses which expire after 15 minutes.

Hello Dear,

My name is Sene Sibanze, I am a 25 year old Girl, I hails from Zambia in Africa, But I currently lives at Dakar-Senegal in West Africa, I saw your listing at Internet data and I decided to contact, I am looking for love and friehdship, with someone nice and easy going, my hobbies are cooking, reading,sports, and dacning. please I willl like to know you better and friendlier. Please I will like to know you more OK. Please, If you care’s to know me as-well,the feel free to write me back.

I will be anticipating you mail.


Sene Sibanze

Dear Nubian queen,

Thanks for your sweet, albeit scary, email. There’s nothing that says “girl with a life” than a completely random email from a stranger. You must be very attractive. However, I’m very busy since I receive many, many requests from strangers with the same desire. Meeting someone from Africa who has the same hobbies as 90% of the under-30 population of any country seems like a tempting idea, but I’ll have to say no.

I know someone who’s very open to African girls like you and will be glad to share his wealthy life with you here in the Netherlands. I’ll give you his email, it is

Good luck.


Spam of the day

Spotted a quite peculiar spam message today when I opened my spambox out of absolute boredom and procrastination. Thought I’d share it.

Hello, Daniel

Well, I’ve finally gathered all my braveness to write to you.. Even though
you should know how hard it is to write a letter to a Stranger, whom you’ve
never seen before and whom you don’t know at all, but I truly believe that
in this case, my perspective acquaintance with You is more than enough for
an excuse:)

Truly speaking, I have thought in the past of such an option, to meet
someone through the letter, but I wasn’t brave enough for this. I guess, I
am still not brave enough, but my wish to be happy and to be loved is
overfilling my heart and head. I am not a complicated person, nor simple.
I am an individual, that’s for sure. I don’t know what your character is
and how you look like, most important is that I am not going to change you.
I want to like you as you are and just be happy. I can answer to you at
affiliate link removed and will be happy if our relations continue.

See you


Dear Marinochka,

How brave a person must thy be, for behold ye has sent a man as I such a daring yet good-hearted message. Well-meant compliments I giveth thou for thine cunning control of the English language. However, I sayeth to you, the brave woman who hath no fear to make display of her being a quean, that although most flattered I am, no interest arises in me as response to your grand act of courageousness.

Quite the individual thou must be indeed, but my fear of one’s potential motivation to change me takes control of me. Thou sayeth that thou shalt not change me, although thou hath yet changed me since now I speaketh in the poorest of Old English for no reason which hath apparence.

Good luck with your wish. You silly cunt.