Spam of the day

Spotted a quite peculiar spam message today when I opened my spambox out of absolute boredom and procrastination. Thought I’d share it.

Hello, Daniel

Well, I’ve finally gathered all my braveness to write to you.. Even though
you should know how hard it is to write a letter to a Stranger, whom you’ve
never seen before and whom you don’t know at all, but I truly believe that
in this case, my perspective acquaintance with You is more than enough for
an excuse:)

Truly speaking, I have thought in the past of such an option, to meet
someone through the letter, but I wasn’t brave enough for this. I guess, I
am still not brave enough, but my wish to be happy and to be loved is
overfilling my heart and head. I am not a complicated person, nor simple.
I am an individual, that’s for sure. I don’t know what your character is
and how you look like, most important is that I am not going to change you.
I want to like you as you are and just be happy. I can answer to you at
affiliate link removed and will be happy if our relations continue.

See you


Dear Marinochka,

How brave a person must thy be, for behold ye has sent a man as I such a daring yet good-hearted message. Well-meant compliments I giveth thou for thine cunning control of the English language. However, I sayeth to you, the brave woman who hath no fear to make display of her being a quean, that although most flattered I am, no interest arises in me as response to your grand act of courageousness.

Quite the individual thou must be indeed, but my fear of one’s potential motivation to change me takes control of me. Thou sayeth that thou shalt not change me, although thou hath yet changed me since now I speaketh in the poorest of Old English for no reason which hath apparence.

Good luck with your wish. You silly cunt.


Ex-pat of the Week

I won! I won! I’m ex-pat in Bulgaria of the week! I just can’t believe it. You work so hard and so long, and I must admit I came to the point where I was saying “fuck the fame, I’ll just do it my way and if the critics don’t like it, it’s their problem”. Look where that got me!

Okay, where do I start.. there’s just too many people to thank! I would like to thank my parents and family, for always supporting me. My friends, for being there in the rough times in the past predating this marvelous event. God, for telling me what to eat and the nightly visits of course. Jesus, for dying for our sins, thank you Jesus (*I’ll call you*)! And finally, I want to thank my family’s deceased hamster Snuffie and dead/disapeared cat Fluff, for all the smiles and tears of joy they caused, wherever they might be.

This is truly a great day for me. Since I’ve been here I’ve had so many great days, but I don’t know how I’m going to top this one! Wow.

Oh, and please Stumble! this post, because this day is so important for me.. It has to be shared ;-).