Saving the Shroom

So it appears that they set up a way to protest the Dutch government’s decision to ban ‘magic mushrooms’. On there is an email you can sign which is automatically sent to the parliament and ministers. Apparently Monday afternoon, 10,000 people had signed it already… Tuesday morning, this was 20,000!

They’re taking more initiatives than just that, so be sure to check out their website. At least SEND AN EMAIL! They also give a bunch of great reasons why these mushrooms should not be banned:

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Young idealists… (Free Burma protest in Sofia, Bulgaria)

Pieter with rosesWell, it wasn’t big.. but at least I did something. The protest had 8 participants, but it’s probably the biggest protest the Chinese embassy has ever seen here in Sofia. As indicated earlier, I decided that it would be a good idea to get red flowers, because I had a feeling our presence would not be very strong. Turned out to be roses, because they were the closest to maroon red we could find. So we went to the Chinese embassy and went onto the steps to place the roses. Immediately a guard came out to ask us what we were doing, tell us not to take pictures and wanted to know if we had any permit to be protesting… Come on, it’s just 8 of us placing roses. So the only picture I have of us at the embassy is 1 second (literally) before that moment and you can see it at the bottom of the post. We stayed around for about half an hour, seeing if anything would happen. We saw some Chinese employee of the embassy looking at us and making a few calls. After a while we decided to leave the rest of the roses for the embassy employees with a note that said “For a free Burma”. Then we left.

If there is anyone from Bulgarian protest groups reading this, or has any experience (and knows how to get a permit), please contact me.

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Representing France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and Bulgaria.

Oh, and I realize now that i could use my contacts at the radio and TV next time. Great!

This proves that everyone can do at least SOMETHING. And it can be fun, I met two new people through it. STUMBLE IT to spread the world!

Protest for Burma, Sofia 2007

Since nobody is taking the initiative, I will. In the hope that people will find this post through Google.

This is the plan!

If you care about the situation in Burma at all… Please do the following.

Go find the Chinese embassy (search: China Embassy on Google Maps), and lay a maroon-red flower there. Preferably between 2 and 3pm today (but if you read this too late, any day will do – I plan to do it once every few days).

Why maroon-red? It’s the colour of the robes of the Buddhist monks who were imprisoned, tortured, mutilated and killed in Burma.

Why the Chinese embassy? They’re Burma’s main ally… THEY can do something about this situation, but so far haven’t.

Why only a flower? Because of the small scale of participation. If we can’t organize a mass of people to come together at the same time… Let’s at least do something.

The people in Burma were killed and abused while the world was watching. They’re blood’s not only on the junta’s hands, but on the hands of all who failed to act to prevent it. So please, do something!

If you’re interested in setting something up, please email me at baslife (nospam) gmail – com

Some news just got out: Injured protesters in Burma are being burned alive!!

A Day of International Action for Burma

Basically it’s like this… remember the first things we heard about Burma, and the images of protesting monks? Well… they’re dead now. Or as good as dead. They’re either dead or facing serious torture, or locked in their pagoda’s (where they store no food). We stood by and watched while this happened. At least I tried to get people active.. but I wonder how people who didn’t even bother to sign the petition feel.

Tomorrow is your chance. A Day of International Action for Burma (or have a look at the petition link and scroll all the way down for a list of places to go). GO. GO. If there’s anything near where you live you MUST go, you must do something, we must do MORE. There is nothing scheduled here, which really sucks, but I called friends and told them to let people know. I’m probably heading for the Chinese embassy tomorrow at 2pm.

If you’re googling and you’re reading this.. In front of the Chinese embassy in Sofia! 2PM. I have a feeling not many people will show up, but I can’t let this happen without at least doing something. Had I had more time and known about it earlier, I would’ve set something up properly (maybe I would’ve been able to mobilize a hundred people, who knows), but now it’s too late for that already and I feel sad about it.

So if you have the chance to join a protest.. DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!

And if China does not intervene… let’s boycott the 2008 Summer Olympics.