Burmese not backing down

In Mawlamyaing, SPDC (government) asked the people to show support for their national reconciliation by making it compulsory for each household to send someone to attend. During the event, it started to rain and the people (mainly teachers) refused to go down to field arena and continued sitting at their seats. They also refused to say out the propaganda slogans. Soon after the event started, many people left the event and even threw away the flags on their way out.

From: Burmanews

Good to read this. Don’t forget people! Media attention is declining. Keep your eyes on the situation. Inform yourself! Keep other people’s attention on it. If we don’t forget, governments around the world will be forced to make a decision.

DailyMe Launches Public Beta

Looks like I won’t be giving out invitations after all.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007, 12:05 AM
I’m pleased to announce the launch of the DailyMe public Beta. This means our DailyMe news platform is now available to everyone.We’ve been working hard to be able to make this day happen. I’d like to thank all of our early Beta testers for their commitment, feedback and patience over the past months. Much of the DailyMe experience we are launching today is a direct result of the feedback that we have compiled from our initial Beta test group.

For those new to DailyMe, all you need to do to experience DailyMe is create an account and select your DailyMe preferences. It’s a short process that just takes a few minutes.

Briefly, DailyMe creates a personalized news digest based on your own preferences, using choices of news categories, keywords, individual news sources and pre-configured “picks.” You can choose to have DailyMe delivered on the web, sent via email or automatically output from your personal computer printer at a specified time of day.

Feel free to sign up and give DailyMe a try.

Lastly, one request. As you use and enjoy this Beta version of DailyMe, if you have any suggestions for the site, encounter any technical issues, or come across anything that is not 100% clear, please let us know so we can address it. We’ve set up a link on the sidebar where you can reach us directly.

Thanks for your interest in DailyMe.


Try it out people. I’ve been using it for a little bit now and it’s quite a nice system. Really has to separate itself from other personalized news pages though, when it comes to the web service that is. The options that you can automatically get it emailed, or printed are very cool. Besides that, Eduardo announced some cool stuff that will be available in the future:

As a result of such feedback, we’ll be:
– Looking into improvements and better explanations for the process of selecting content (step 2 of the sign-up process)
– Adding an open RSS reader to allow DailyMe users to add their preferred RSS feeds
– Offering more display options for your news page
– Adding more licensed sources

Sweet stuff, right?

One thing I don’t really get however, is the social bookmarking links at the bottom of articles on DailyMe. Thing is, I doubt that you can view any content without signing up, so what’s the point in SOCIAL bookmarking it?

If you’re interested, go check out the sign-up page now!

Soon you’ll be able to receive DailyMe throughout the day, where, when and how you’d like. Have your 9:00am DailyMe via email at your desk and your 6:00pm DailyMe printed automatically, easy for the grab and go commute.

The future of news. Share it.



Just received the following email. Sounds very interesting and definitely something I’ll be participating in in the future.

Thanks for your interest in DailyMe.

DailyMe delivers your daily fill of news, information, blogs, articles, columns, and all the other stuff that you read each day, just the way you like it. We let you decide what’s most important to you when customizing the content and subject matter that you read. Whether you choose by category, keyword, profile, source or a combination of these methods…you are in control.

Every day we import hundreds of thousands of real-time articles and stories, from thousands of top-tier sources, in their entirety – so you won’t need to click on lots of links to other sites to finish what you are reading.

And there’s more…you set your delivery preferences and viewing format based on what works best for you. (Email, web view and print versions are available and coming soon a mobile/wireless version) We’ve even developed a proprietary software application that enables you to print your DailyMe automatically to a designated printer per your delivery schedule – no manual prompting, no user intervention.

Did we mention DailyMe is FREE?

So what we are is kind of a newspaper meets the internet combined with a social/community feel all in one – but you’d really need to experience DailyMe to see this for yourself.

Currently DailyMe is undergoing a final minor facelift before we open the doors for our public debut. More info to come, as we approach the big launch date…


Eduardo Hauser
Founder & CEO

I suppose it will be a bit like Google News, but more web 2.0-ish. Plus the biggest competitive advantage is the personalized web feed. Definitely looking forward to the launch of this service.