Save the Shroom #2

Just in case you haven’t taken action against the Dutch government’s plans to ban mushrooms yet.

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Dutch minister of health to ban “magic mushrooms”

After discussing the item for months, minister Klink (member of the Christian-Democrat party) has decided to ban the sale of magic mushrooms.

Dried mushrooms were already illegal to sell and own and were considered harddrugs. With the ban of sales, minister Klink is also consulting minister of Justice, Ernst Hirsch Ballin, if they could declare all mushrooms as harddrugs. This discussion leading up to this decision was mainly caused and influenced by incidents involving tourists whose irresponsible behaviour amounted to a lot of fear in the eyes of the public. Cohen, mayor of Amsterdam, already proposed a way to decrease spontaneous purchases of mushrooms by tourists, by giving them a certain waiting time before they could get the mushrooms. During this time they could inform themselves about the effects.

It’s a very bold move by the minister and although the majority of the parliament is for a ban, it still comes unexpected to many. Previous research into mushrooms has shown that the risks when taking mushrooms in a responsible way are very minimal. The Dutch organisation for smartshops have warned the government repeatedly of the risks involved of people buying mushrooms in an underground market.

It is expected that many groups will contest and protest the decision, since some view the mushroom as an entheogen and see the plant as capable of invoking very powerful spiritual and philosophical experiences.

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