A Day of International Action for Burma

Basically it’s like this… remember the first things we heard about Burma, and the images of protesting monks? Well… they’re dead now. Or as good as dead. They’re either dead or facing serious torture, or locked in their pagoda’s (where they store no food). We stood by and watched while this happened. At least I tried to get people active.. but I wonder how people who didn’t even bother to sign the petition feel.

Tomorrow is your chance. A Day of International Action for Burma (or have a look at the petition link and scroll all the way down for a list of places to go). GO. GO. If there’s anything near where you live you MUST go, you must do something, we must do MORE. There is nothing scheduled here, which really sucks, but I called friends and told them to let people know. I’m probably heading for the Chinese embassy tomorrow at 2pm.

If you’re googling and you’re reading this.. In front of the Chinese embassy in Sofia! 2PM. I have a feeling not many people will show up, but I can’t let this happen without at least doing something. Had I had more time and known about it earlier, I would’ve set something up properly (maybe I would’ve been able to mobilize a hundred people, who knows), but now it’s too late for that already and I feel sad about it.

So if you have the chance to join a protest.. DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!

And if China does not intervene… let’s boycott the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Take Action Now! (Update)

And it gets worse by the day…
Junta’s crackdown in Burma intensifies
Internet access ‘cut off’ in attempt to silence Burma

So basically the monks have dissapeared and nobody really seems to know what happened to them… Maybe we should stop threatening them with sanctions (the junta has lived with sanctions for decades anyway) and start threatening them with something more serious. These sanctions will hurt the people more than it will hurt the government.

Original post
Words, words, words, words… Maybe for the first time in a very long time, we have a good reason to intervene and step in. Why are we only sending ONE guy there to ‘monitor’? Isn’t what we’ve seen and heard in the media enough? It’s unacceptable to stand by and let soldiers kill monks… Peaceful monks and also civilians. The UN has to act before it’s too late. NOW.

If you haven’t, please sign the petition. It takes one minute, so don’t postpone it, do it NOW.

And then have a look here.

Myanmar troops threaten gunshot (Reuters)
10,000 protesters face down Myanmar forces in Yangon (Forbes)
Burma’s Saffron Revolution (a big explanation)
Shots fired at Burmese protests in Rangoon (BBC)
Myanmar troops open fire on protesters, 9 dead (Reuters)

They’re murdering people! Wake up!

9th Day of the Protests

And you all know what I’m talking about…

The army has given out warnings and are doing so right now, but the monks are protesting anyway. For their safety, let’s pray, meditate, vibrate or whatever your spiritual tradition is. Radiate love and care.

If you’re not as “out there” as I am, maybe this is a good alternative; a petition calling to the members of the UN Security Council to step in!

Make sure you sign that. If you have any extra time, check out the US Campaign for Burma.