Shift happens

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I was ill for a week and I’m not really in the swing of things anymore. This week I might go to the mountains to take pictures since it’s the start of the ‘snow season’ there. Oh, did I mention it will be for my work? Sweet.

Anyway, I just stumbled upon this video that I think you all should watch. From beginning to end. It gets better and better the further along you get. Just take 5 minutes and watch it.

Day one of being a vegetarian…

starts with resentment.

Nuff said.

I should add that I feel that I have no choice after seeing a film called ‘Earthlings’. Check it out below.

Blue Man Group – Earth To Humanity

Can you hear?

Terence McKenna – Culture is NOT our friend

Video about some of my friends here!

I could have sworn about the Dutch guys we met at a DnB party (I did post a picture, the guy on the right is one of them). Basically, Hannah and I were talking at a drum ‘n bass party, then I see these 2 dudes that I saw earlier that evening in the club. So I say “they look Dutch… What do you think?”

Hannah: “Ah! I thought I heard them speak Dutch…”
Okay, let’s find out.

Jackpot. They were Dutch. Anyway, they asked if they could stay at my place, I said yes, but they ended up staying with my friends in Studentski Grad. They made a VERY entertaining video about their experience with us, with a little profile of Emil, Pieter and James. COOL.

Go check it out here!!

The last 7 days:

  • I have had breakfast/high tea with Kotler 😉
  • The same night I partied with the Bulgarian “Pop Idol” crew
  • Did my first studio recording for a Bulgarian national channel (Hristo Botev)
  • Chilled out with the producer of the Music Idol albums, really cool guy, great studio also
  • Had my first “item” for Radio Bulgaria, which was broadcasted today in London and Washington
  • I got a 100% excellent mid-term evaluation from my workplace supervisor at the radio


Mentos & Carlsberg

The whole Coca Cola Light & Mentos thing has slipped past few, but if you’re not familiar, have a look at this article. Without further ado, what happens when you put a Mentos in a Carlsberg.

Tom Peters on Educating for a Creative Society

This guy is PISSED OFF. What he says is amazingly true though. By the way:

  • In 2007, Tom was voted as the Second Most Influential Leadership Professional by Gurus International in an independent internet study. (source)
  • He’s a best-selling author and an expert on business management practices and problem-solving.

This post is really all about this video though, so check it out: