Shift happens

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I was ill for a week and I’m not really in the swing of things anymore. This week I might go to the mountains to take pictures since it’s the start of the ‘snow season’ there. Oh, did I mention it will be for my work? Sweet.

Anyway, I just stumbled upon this video that I think you all should watch. From beginning to end. It gets better and better the further along you get. Just take 5 minutes and watch it.

Day one of being a vegetarian…

starts with resentment.

Nuff said.

I should add that I feel that I have no choice after seeing a film called ‘Earthlings’. Check it out below.

Blue Man Group – Earth To Humanity

Can you hear?

Terence McKenna – Culture is NOT our friend

Video about some of my friends here!

I could have sworn about the Dutch guys we met at a DnB party (I did post a picture, the guy on the right is one of them). Basically, Hannah and I were talking at a drum ‘n bass party, then I see these 2 dudes that I saw earlier that evening in the club. So I say “they look Dutch… What do you think?”

Hannah: “Ah! I thought I heard them speak Dutch…”
Okay, let’s find out.

Jackpot. They were Dutch. Anyway, they asked if they could stay at my place, I said yes, but they ended up staying with my friends in Studentski Grad. They made a VERY entertaining video about their experience with us, with a little profile of Emil, Pieter and James. COOL.

Go check it out here!!

The last 7 days:

  • I have had breakfast/high tea with Kotler 😉
  • The same night I partied with the Bulgarian “Pop Idol” crew
  • Did my first studio recording for a Bulgarian national channel (Hristo Botev)
  • Chilled out with the producer of the Music Idol albums, really cool guy, great studio also
  • Had my first “item” for Radio Bulgaria, which was broadcasted today in London and Washington
  • I got a 100% excellent mid-term evaluation from my workplace supervisor at the radio


Mentos & Carlsberg

The whole Coca Cola Light & Mentos thing has slipped past few, but if you’re not familiar, have a look at this article. Without further ado, what happens when you put a Mentos in a Carlsberg.

Tom Peters on Educating for a Creative Society

This guy is PISSED OFF. What he says is amazingly true though. By the way:

  • In 2007, Tom was voted as the Second Most Influential Leadership Professional by Gurus International in an independent internet study. (source)
  • He’s a best-selling author and an expert on business management practices and problem-solving.

This post is really all about this video though, so check it out:


This doesn’t just go for American students (even though the video addresses them directly), this goes for all of you.
P.S. Update on last weekend coming soon. Probably.

Fire Show at Rila

Surprise! Another video! Check out the fireshow from last Saturday‘s psytrance party!

Taking Action Against Climate Change, the best choice

In the whole climate change debate (it’s ridiculous it has to be a debate), I decided that the possible cost of NOT taking action, would FAR outweigh the cost of taking action NOW. Actually, what would be so bad about preventing climate change? Living in a cleaner, healthier world? The cities wouldn’t be so filled with smog, there would be less polution, no more oil wars… Sounds a lot better.

Anyway, the following video argues the same thing, but in a way that’s a bit more digestible than my elaborate theories.