Thomas Was Here

FUCCCKKK. Was I knackered yesterday. Only word I can use without adding more obscenities so early in this post. Let me run you through what happened. I have to be a bit brief, because well… I don’t remember everything, but most of it I do. Secondly, I can’t really be bothered to, because I’m in the middle of making a new mix. So let’s get started shall we 🙂

This is where concerned parents or other family members stop reading.

Day/Night 1
Thomas arives at the airport. At some point he calls me and asks me where I am… At international arrivals of course. Turns out I had to be at terminal 1 and not 2… Got a taxi. Found him. Went home. We drank Rakiya until 3 or 4 in the morning. I went to work only half an hour late.
Day/Night 2
First we went to one of my favourite bars in town: Bilkova Apteka. Ran into James, Pieter and two Belgian girls who were visiting the latter. We said goodbye, went to a restaurant… Decided to go to one more bar and have a cocktail… Decided to go to one more bar and have something stronger… You can guess what happened. Let me tell you anyway.

Thomas & Bulgarian dudes Uhhh…. Whiskey… and drums Iran

We were standing at a table, minding our own business after getting ripped off by the bouncers. Some waitress comes up to us… asks us if it’s okay if a group of Bulgarian guys come and stand at the same table. Sure. The Bulgarians come, introduce themselves… start buying whiskey bottle, after whiskey bottle, after whiskey bottle. We went to some ‘chalga’ (popfolk) place afterwards. Thomas and I got bored quick (I think). We went home… The next day I was only 1 hour late for work. But completely DEADDDDDD. Oh, and I found out that I took pictures of the Iranian embassy. Sweet.

Day/Night 3

I already told you I was dead. Went home after work. Slept. Then we went to a restaurant at about 9.30. Still didn’t feel very good. Didn’t really expect to go out. Then we listened to some music at my place… Chilled out… Went out anyway at around 1. First Chervillo. Nothing going on there. Then to Yalta. Great success!


Saw Sebastien Leger, GREAT DJ. Check out some of his productions here. Basically, we partied until 6.30. Drank a lot of whiskey. Party, party, party, party.

Day/Night 4
Needless to say, by now we were fucked. I think that day we got up around 3. Went outside. Had breakfast. Walked out of the restaurant and it was already getting dark. Shit. We chilled out at my place and went out to Club Pulse. There was a minimal techno party, but it was rather psychedelic. Haven’t really heard this type of minimal before. Pretty cool. Met up with Bobi, the DJ that took me to the psytrance party on Rila. After drinking a Shark (Bulgarian Red Bull) at about 2h10, I got a rather upset stomach and really wanted to go home before going to another club. In the end we didn’t go out anymore. Probably for the best.

Day/Night 5
We woke up and were still feeling very poor. Figuratively, because Bulgaria is cheap. Had a rather interesting experience at a very Eastern-European public restroom. I went in (upset stomach), took some toilet paper from the “Pay Now Please”-lady. Went to the toilet. Discovered the first one I picked didn’t have a lock. I looked around… None had. Fuck it. I picked another one anyway. So when I was about done, after having to hold the door closed with my arm the whole time… (stop reading now, skip to the next paragraph) I decided that to wipe my ass, I would have to find a new way to hold the door closed. I got up, leaned against the door. I coughed. Then someone walked over to my door and started pushing it. I pushed back and said “Ne”, which means “no” ;-). Well, obviously this guy wanted something because he started whispering some shit in Bulgarian while he kept pushing the door. After about 5 seconds he stopped. I finished up, got out. There he was… waiting for me it seemed. He said goodbye to me in Bulgarian… Then said something else. Instead of ignoring him, I asked him if he spoke English (I was so tired, I had no clue what I was doing really). He held out his hand to introduce himself… Damn. I shook his hand. His name was Vladimir. My name was Bas. He said goodbye again, walked past all the empty stalls and entered the one I came out of. I washed my hands. With a lot of soap.

That night we went to meet up with James, Emil and Pieter and had dinner with them. After that Thomas and I went to an alternative bar in Studentski Grad and saw a Bulgarian band called Wickeda and the Whiskey Avengers from San Francisco. Had a lot of fun and drank a lot of whiskey again.

Whiskey Avengers

Day/Night 6
Today we got up at 10am and went to Vitosha mountain, just outside Sofia. Well… that’s what should have happened. Instead, we woke up at 11. Looked outside. Didn’t like the weather. Told each other tomorrow is another day and went back to bed. I sent some people in Holland a card. By this point the whiskey had gotten to our heads (even though I hadn’t drank any that day) and we thought we were VIP’s. We went to a bar and had cognac and a cigar.

We then proceeded home, because we didn’t want to be home late again. Thomas wanted to go to Vitosha the next day and I had to go to work… Alright, one more bar then. Two big whiskeys… At some point Thomas went to the toilet. I decided to talk to the first person on my right. I started talking to a brown-haired girl. About 10 seconds into the conversation (or maybe 3) the girl told me she knew me… Uh oh. So I went “Ohh!” but had to swallow the “now I see”… So I went quiet… and asked her from where. She told me and then I remembered. The protest for Burma I organized. Cool.

We stayed around for a while. Were introduced to a bunch of people in the bar since it was somebodies party. Went home late, again. Watched a film. Fell asleep on the couch, I think. Next day: probably half an hour late for work or so.. Don’t remember.

Day/Night 7 — Thomas’ Last Night in Sofia
We had to party. Of course. So we went to Studentski Grad. Went to a club called Jim Beam and got drunk again… on whiskey of course. I don’t think there’s much substantial to add. Except that Thomas didn’t manage to get a bus to the mountain and was followed around by stray dogs in a suburb of Sofia.

Bas & Thomas, drunk again

It was a very good day 🙂

Adios Day!
Lost the count and can’t be bothered to scroll up. This day Thomas got on his airplane and flew back to Holland.

The end.
Maybe you can imagine now how I feel. I feel pretty good since I finally have some time for myself. Working on a mix which will be up soon. Enough typing, enough chatting. Leka vecher i priaten hlob.

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It’s someone’s birthday!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Baarrrrrrrrt
Happy birthday to you!

Chestit Rojden Den — Честит Рожден ден!