About This Blog

In five words: this is a blog about. Obviously five words are not enough, so I’ll just use a bit more. No use creating a separate page for a five word description anyway.

Let’s cut the bull…
This is a blog about me (who am I). I’m a Dutch student currently residing in Sofia, Bulgaria to do a placement with the Bulgarian National Radio. This blog is about my experiences in the job, in the city and in the country. I have two philosophies which will make sure that the blog will stay exciting:
– Get up, get out and don’t come back until you’re ready to sleep;
– Talk to everyone, everywhere (anyone, anywhere).

To give you an idea about the topics I’ll be talking about… Let me just quote my category cloud. 

activism art ecology economy essays graffiti internet leisure life marketing media mindhacks music news philosophy photography politics psychology religion settling society spirituality thoughts travel video work world

Pictures, videos, controversial opinions, travel reports, music, art, reviews… Anything you might expect of a post-culture shock student living in a country where he doesn’t speak the language.

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