Merry Christmas from Sofia!


Hi everyone!

I’d like the chance to wish you all some happy holidays! I’m waiting for Bouwe & Roos to arrive at the airport here. What else? I uploaded pictures to my Picasa album. I’ll start updating the daily photoblog also. After all, I said daily. Not much to add really. Enjoy the week everybody!

Oh, and check out the digital card.


Xmas Gifts

If anyone feels like doing something special for me this Christmas, please do me a favour and get me a gift here.

Now that’s a special gift.

Spartz – Drumski-i-Basko (DnB!)

New mix! Drum ‘n bass! Taking you through a deep, yet fast and playful build-up into the chaos of heavy bass and heavy distortion and taking you out on that oldskool tip!

Check it out!

Q-Project – Focus (00:00 – 05:06)
Taxman – Scan Darker (03:59 – 08:39)
Sam Snee – Everybody (07:56 – 11:29)
Heist – Go To Work VIP (09:40 – 12:11)
Xample – Infamous (11:29 – 14:18)
EBK – Skatter (13:36 – 16:47)
Gridlok – Hard As Fuck (16:25 – 20:07)
No Money and Sub D Visionz – Future Shock (19:22 – 22:54)
Current Value – Elemental Mind (21:31 – 26:34)
Paulie Walnuts – Killing Fields (25:53 – 29:21)
Twinhooker – Want Dead (28:40 – 32:50)
Temulent – I Am The Devil (31:27 – 34:23)
Droon – Cripplefight (34:23 – 37:05)
Limewax – Every6olution [The Panacea Mashup] (36:45 – 40:29)
Donny – The Forgotten [Current Value RMX] (39:35 – 42:42)
Forbidden Society & DJ Hidden – Consumed (42:03 – 45:52)
Cooh – Moscow (45:34 – 50:11)
Total Science – Trigga Happy (49:28 – 53:26)
>> Distorted Minds – The Promise (50:11 – 53:24)
Wobble T – Let Me Stay (53:00 – 56:31)
Beyonce – Naughty Girl [TC Big Bad Bootleg VIP Mix] (53:24 – 58:38)
Donny ft. Blick – Amputation (57:13 – 59:57)
Taxman – Badboy Danger (59:14 – 61:24)
The Bug – Posion Dart ft. Warrior Queen [South Rakkas Crew RMX] (61:21 – 64:06)
Hustle Athletics – Lekker (63:43 – 66:29)
Naz A.K.A. Naz – It’s Started Again [Naz Dave Mix] (66:26 – 69:51)
The Tranquil One – Rave Era (69:38 – 73:10)
The Prodigy – Your Love [RMX] (72:44 – 75:13)
The Prodigy – Ruff In The Jungle [Uplifting Vibes RMX] (74:48 – 77:58)


10 things I want…

when I come back. I need your peer pressure to make this happen 😉

  • When I come back to Holland I want to live in Amsterdam.
  • When I come back to Holland I want to cut down alcohol to lower levels or maybe quit completely.
  • When I come back I want to start networking in various music-scenes.
  • When I come back I want to meet Bulgarian students living in Holland.
  • When I come back I want to see if I can find myself a part-time job in media.
  • When I come back I want to get active in activism and start networking and organising a movement.
  • When I come back I want to open up my social circles, not having the same, more or less fixed group of friends as I had in the past.
  • When I come back I want to catch up with everyone.
  • When I come back I want to be a dragon, but if that doesn’t work out, being a good student will do also.
  • When I come back I want to start saving money to leave again.

URGENT ALERT – climate-wrecking at Bali

I just signed an emergency petition trying to help save the climate talks going on right now, and it would be great if you could join me. The most important global warming meeting since Kyoto is happening right now in Bali. 192 countries are meeting to discuss what comes next – but they’re in crisis.

Negotiators were nearing agreement on cuts by 2020–a step which the scientists say is needed to avert the worst ravages of global warming, and which will help to bring China and the developing world onboard. But then the news broke: the US, Canada and Japan rejected any mention of such cuts.

We can’t let three governments hold the world to ransom, by vetoing a real solution to the climate crisis. Bali is the opportunity we’ve been waiting for to start working toward real climate action, and we can’t let it pass by.

The campaign will be delivered direct to summit delegates, through stunts and in media advertisements, so our voices will actually be heard. But we need a lot of us, fast, to join in if we’re going to make a difference. Just click on the link to add your own name now:


PS Avaaz, the organisation hosting the petition, are very serious — they host the Fossil Awards held by hundreds of NGOs at the summit


  • Missed calls from numbers I don’t know.
  • No coins in my wallet.
  • Waking up with a head ache at 4.30 pm.
  • Not recognizing some of the names in my telephone.
  • About a 1 second recollection of this morning’s busride.

Boy, I must have had so much fun last night!

Shift happens

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I was ill for a week and I’m not really in the swing of things anymore. This week I might go to the mountains to take pictures since it’s the start of the ‘snow season’ there. Oh, did I mention it will be for my work? Sweet.

Anyway, I just stumbled upon this video that I think you all should watch. From beginning to end. It gets better and better the further along you get. Just take 5 minutes and watch it.