Day one of being a vegetarian…

starts with resentment.

Nuff said.

I should add that I feel that I have no choice after seeing a film called ‘Earthlings’. Check it out below.


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  1. Good luck man, if you want some recipes, you’ve got my mail 🙂

    I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 10 years now, with 2 breaks of a year. But last time I “converted” was also because of a movie: Our Daily Bread, have you seen it?

    Key for me is to associate the nice, good smelling, good tasting warm meat on my plate with the violence, blood and unnecessary suffering of animals. And the bio-industrial complex really makes the lives of these animals a living hell. I don’t think killing an animal to eat it is unethical, but we can give them something of a life, some dignity.

    It’s all karma if you ask me.


  2. i only made it thru 26 minutes, im sobbing like a baby, but how do we fix it? until we, as humans, no longer crave meat, we cant stop the slaughter.
    people wont watch this, if they did they would be convicted.
    if we just stop eating animals, that doesnt stop the killing.

  3. How wouldn’t there be a lot less killing if we stopped eating animals?

  4. well, i was also thinking of the pets part of the show and i meant ‘we’ as individually. you and i may not eat animals but the majority of the worlds population wont.
    maybe i just have a cynical view of the world.we may have less killing, but it will never stop.
    good video,needs to be brought to more peoples attention.

  5. Yeah, I decided I’ve used that reason for not being a vegetarian too much though. My opinion is, if you want change, start with yourself.

  6. >if you want change, start with yourself.
    so true…

  7. I didn’t want to add the “else you’re a hypocrite” hehe.

  8. You just did

  9. I know ^_^

    I’m an asshole 😀

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