Daily things I do to make this world a better place

  • Recycle. After reading about the problems plastic is causing in this world (essentially all plastic ever produced is still in existence), I try to make sure to recycle all plastic. When my friend, not knowing about the recycling of plastic in Bulgaria (it’s something we don’t do in Holland… “Boo!”) threw what was meant to be recycled in a normal dumpster, I almost went dumpster diving… Before I did, I questioned my sanity and decided I needed some more time to think about it so I didn’t dive in after all.
  • Like in Holland, bottles of beer have a ‘return-fee’ on it. However, I did not know this in the first weeks I was here. The deal is… when you return a bottle, you have to take one out also. I doubt that there will ever be a moment where I’ll be buying 40 half litre bottles of beer, so every now and then I put some bottles outside for the poor scavengers to take advantage of.
  • Turn off electric stuff, heating, etc. Even though I love coming home in a warm house, or though I would like to make potential burglars think there’s someone home… the planet cannot afford this. Besides that, it’s cheaper to keep stuff turned off.
  • Every day I try to read or participate in at least something regarding activism. Online usually. For instance, I became a volunteer journalist for Rethos.com.
  • By sponsoring, you can actually help finance solutions for a lot of problems in this world, one click per day. Check this out.
  • Most important: vote with your money! When presented with a choice, favor the company who’s more eco-friendly, or does other things to make this world a better place. Don’t go to McDonalds, Burger King, etc. Don’t buy Disney products (not like I would, but still). Stop giving your money to evil corporations. Consider buying a hybrid so you stop fueling oil wars. Your car is burning the blood of innocent (and less innocent) people. Read what people are doing with this (click). Or about shareholder activism.

Plus, I probably talk about this stuff every day. Spreading awareness is the start. More people need to be aware, so more people will start taking action. Might be stuff I’m forgetting here. Plus there’s stuff I don’t do daily.

Maybe another time.


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