Day one of being a vegetarian…

starts with resentment.

Nuff said.

I should add that I feel that I have no choice after seeing a film called ‘Earthlings’. Check it out below.

Dutch government to ban cultural identity

With this article I want to achieve two things. Firstly, I want to give foreigners a look into the national affairs of the Netherlands regarding the public freedoms we enjoy and the recent political trends. Secondly, I hope to inspire Dutch citizens to ACT, to change something and to turn current trends around.

Being a Dutchman living abroad gives me a different scope or perspective on current events in the Netherlands. The Netherlands are changing from the liberal country it used to be and losing more and more of its identity. This, for me, is signified by two events in political decision making:

  • The parliament moving to ban the use of psilocybin mushrooms;
  • The parliament moving to ban squatting.

Pim FortuynIn recent years, Dutch populist politicians have been trying to win votes by claiming they want to win back the “Dutch identity”. Charismatic politician Pim Fortuyn, who was assassinated by an animal rights activist before the elections, started this trend by saying Holland is full – a politically sensitive statement that had until that point always been dismissed as right-wing extremism. Through his wit and charisma, Pim Fortuyn prevented this from happening, also having a left-wing history, fighting for student rights in his younger years. After the 2002 elections, more politicians stepped through the door which had long been closed. They want tougher rules for immigration, illegal immigrants, foreign cultures ‘invading’ Holland and influencing our norms and values, et cetera. Now, being a Dutchmen, I don’t know what the Dutch identity is they’re talking about and using as an excuse. Holland has always been an internationalised country and that is our identity; we are people of the world. Recent events caused me to change my mind.

Holland is an international country as I said, and internationally, the Dutch identity is a liberal one. The same politicians that want to protect the Dutch identity are the ones that want to ban psilocybin mushrooms and squatting. Two of the things that separate us more from the rest of the world, give us more of a distinction – an identity – than any wooden shoes, tulips or watered down village-traditions have done in the last 60 years.

Provo’s Set off Smokebomb at Royal WeddingIn the 1960’s, a counterculture movement called the Provo’s, provoked society and politics to review their standards by provoking violent responses from authority, through the use of non-violence. The most famous event of theirs being when in 1966 Dutch Queen Beatrix married Prince Claus (former Wehrmacht-soldier). Amongst the rumours they spread were that the drinking water would be containing hallucinogens or that the sugar cubes given to the horses would contain LSD. These claims turned out to be false, but they got attention from the world press through setting off a smokebomb while the royal couple was riding their horses with golden carriage through the streets. The police, by Dutch standards, responded very violently and the Provo’s welcomed this to make their point to the whole world.

Squatter demonstrationThe Provo-movement eventually disbanded and dissolved into the hippie-movement of the seventies, which later grew into the squatting movement of the 1980’s. The economical climate was definitely not at its best time, there was a shortage of residential buildings in the main cities, but (because of the economical climate) there were also a lot of buildings which were empty. The squatters then started inhabiting these and a movement was formed with a rather distinctive anarchistic accent. Some of these places are homes to give-away-stores, illegal radio stations, vegan restaurants, or have expositions or free parties.

The Netherlands is one of the few countries where squatting is not banned by law. If a building is empty for more than 12 months and the owner cannot show that it will be used in the near future, it’s legal for the squatters to live there. The only obstacles are the breaking and entering, but the law for this can only be enforced when caught red-handed (the idea is to get a bed, table and chair in as fast as possible so that they can show they live there, which makes them squatters and not burglars). The other obstacle is a law that states one cannot live in buildings which are not defined as residential buildings.

Squatters SymbolIn recent events, the residents of one squatted building in Amsterdam that was to be evicted put up a trap which was supposed to let the roof collapse on top of whoever would enter the building. This led to politicians having a second look at squatting and moving to ban it. A majority of parliament is currently for a ban. Those who oppose the parliament’s reaction say that this is a matter of law and not politics. The perpetrators should be tried, not the law. These reactionary politics are typical of the current political climate in the Netherlands. Another example of this is the current discussion on psilocybin mushrooms.

Shroom ArtOn the 24th of March, 2007, a French tourist killed herself by jumping from a bridge. It is said she had used mushrooms when she jumped. A spokesman for the opium-affairs department of the ministry of Public Health, commented that “They say she used mushrooms, but there has been no section or toxicological research.” The Coördinationpoint for the Assessment and Monitoring of new drugs (CAM) stated that this was not the girl’s first attempt to kill herself. Reacting to this event, the Dutch government, as well as the parliament, has proposed the banning of all psilocybin mushrooms.

Since this event with the French tourist, more events have taken place with tourists reacting badly to mushrooms, usually combining it with alcohol or other drugs (something which is strongly advised against). By request of the minister of Public Health, the CAM research into the dangers of mushrooms. They concluded that these are the risks involving mushrooms:

  • Health of the individual: no risk.
  • Public health / society: minimal risk.
  • Public order / safety: minimal risk.
  • Criminal involvement: no risk.

The CAM advised against a ban on mushrooms for the following reasons:

  • The smartshops selling the mushrooms might replace them by substances which carry more risk;
  • It will lead to shrooms being sold in tablet-form, like XTC pills;
  • Users would pick mushrooms in nature, which could lead to serious problems if they mistake the wrong type of mushrooms for the ones they are looking for;
  • Users might switch to other drugs, which might be more interesting from a criminal perspective and possibly carry more risk for usage… Leading to more danger to the public;
  • The banning of mushrooms is a rather tough sanction given the current problems its causing;
  • Maintaining a ban would bring costs.

According to the national organization of smartshops (VLOS), its research showed that it’s mainly tourists causing the problems and incidents. The reason why a rising trend has occurred since 2005 with regard to these incidents, according to them, is a 30% increase in tourists in Amsterdam and a change in the composition of the tourists, due to low-budget airlines, cheap citytrips, etc. These tourists are often there for just a weekend and are in a ‘rush’ to take the mushrooms before they leave. This leads to irresponsible behaviour and a higher number of incidents. They also claim that this is almost completely limited to Amsterdam, the main attraction for drug tourists. The mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen, has proposed to sell mushrooms only after a certain waiting time (2 days for example), so that it can’t be a hasty decision and consumers have the time to find out more about taking mushrooms in a safe environment.

The Dutch minister of Public Health however has proposed to ban the sales of mushrooms altogether and will confer with his colleague, the minister of Justice, to turn mushrooms into harddrugs – making them equal to cocaine, heroin and crack.

Have A Nice Trip

Now I’m going to ask some questions here, because why did he ask the CAM for advice in the first place, if he was going to go along with moving to ban it anyway? The CAM has labeled his decision as a political one, not an informed one based on the facts their research showed. Since this announcement an organisation called Red De Paddo (Save The Shroom) has started to get people active. Through their website over 40.000 people sent emails to the parliament calling for a more informed decision regarding the ban of mushrooms. They also organized a protest on the main square in Amsterdam (‘de Dam’) which was attended by a few hundred people. One of the speakers there, Peter Bronkhorst, was a Provo-activist who actually threw the smokebomb at the royal wedding in 1966. I’m sad to report that he passed away not even a week after the demonstration on the 2nd of November.

Now I personally cannot understand that everyone’s acting so surprised regarding the illegalisation of squatting and psilocybin mushrooms. I cannot understand why there were only a few hundred people at the demonstration. I cannot understand why there has only been one demonstration so far. I cannot understand why there were no 24/7 demonstrations outside the ministry of Public Health or the parliament.

What has happened to the squatting spirit, the hippie spirit, the Provo spirit? We have gotten lazy in our position of luxury and are not willing to fight for what we have. Why do we choose to become active after we have lost it? Are we lazy, scared, both? Why even ban mushrooms altogether if it’s not the Dutch, but the tourists causing the problems? Surely there must be ways to avoid this. Why are politicians that claim they want to protect the Dutch identity actually the ones most out to destroy it? The legality of psilocybin mushrooms and squatting are signs of our freedom, signs of our ‘Dutchness’. Freedom is a cause worth fighting for and this has often been said. Stop listening to the politicians who ban things in the name of cultural identity, freedom or safety. Wouldn’t it be more dangerous to give up freedom for safety, than the security that deed would provide could save us from? Why are freedom and safety even polarized? Why is it a choice between either one of them, we can surely create a world in which we have both… My point is that this is not just about kids wanting to trip, kids wanting to live in buildings for free, besides this squatting offers a high cultural value and mushrooms a spiritual one. It’s not even about that though; it’s about protecting ourselves in a more and more controlling-political climate. We are not safer or better off this way. Look at the most glorious years of the nation post-World War II (and maybe even predating the World War) – they were the most liberal times.

With the passing away of the older generations, it is time for a new generation of activists to step up and to show that we will not give up our rights to politicians who act on anything but facts.

It’s time to organise, it’s time to act and it’s time NOW.

Because if we don’t…


  • The Dutch Provo-movement in the 60s, hippies in the 70s, and squatters in the 80s, have fought for rights which are now being taken away by a lack of action throughout the mid-90s until now;
  • All research, including government research, has shown that making mushrooms illegal will cause more danger, not less;
  • Where is the logic in a complete ban of mushrooms nationwide, based solely on incidents with tourists who act irresponsibly, impulsively and combine these with other drugs;
  • The government and parliament actually going against advice from independent research shows that they do not respect science nor the rights of the individual, this must be stopped NOW;
  • We must get organised and start acting to prevent these bans from happening, as well as other attacks on our rights, through creating understanding and support throughout society and the media;
  • Stop voting for politicians who solely react to events instead of doing their job properly and treating the cause, not the symptoms. Get others to do the same; no matter their political orientation.

I have absolute faith that these repressive actions of the government will create a new movement like the Provo’s from the 60s or the squatters from the 80s. It would be in Holland’s best interest if this came sooner, rather than later. So we can prevent things from being made illegal, because it’s harder to get something legalised.

Don’t be surprised when you see the government proposing to ban cannabis also. They’re already attacking coffeeshops with the EU imposed smoking bans and under the denominator of ‘preventing drugtourism’. They will increase their pressure and become more blatant about it in the next 4 years. I myself expect them to use situations in which drugged people act crazy or OD in public (caused by their repression of safe drugs) and they will link these situations to cannabis. Likely saying that the use of cannabis has lead these people to use whatever caused the trouble. The cause in the great majority of the cases is, of course, alcohol, but they’ll prefer to tax that more heavily instead of banning it altogether. Mark my words.

Act NOW.

Smokebomb at wedding of Dutch Queen Beatrix

This article was written for a platform for change where I’m a freelance/volunteer journalist.
And if the title seemed a bit provocative… just honouring the Provo’s 😉

Blue Man Group – Earth To Humanity

Can you hear?

Terence McKenna – Culture is NOT our friend

Video about some of my friends here!

I could have sworn about the Dutch guys we met at a DnB party (I did post a picture, the guy on the right is one of them). Basically, Hannah and I were talking at a drum ‘n bass party, then I see these 2 dudes that I saw earlier that evening in the club. So I say “they look Dutch… What do you think?”

Hannah: “Ah! I thought I heard them speak Dutch…”
Okay, let’s find out.

Jackpot. They were Dutch. Anyway, they asked if they could stay at my place, I said yes, but they ended up staying with my friends in Studentski Grad. They made a VERY entertaining video about their experience with us, with a little profile of Emil, Pieter and James. COOL.

Go check it out here!!

The last 7 days:

  • I have had breakfast/high tea with Kotler 😉
  • The same night I partied with the Bulgarian “Pop Idol” crew
  • Did my first studio recording for a Bulgarian national channel (Hristo Botev)
  • Chilled out with the producer of the Music Idol albums, really cool guy, great studio also
  • Had my first “item” for Radio Bulgaria, which was broadcasted today in London and Washington
  • I got a 100% excellent mid-term evaluation from my workplace supervisor at the radio


On The Air

It was unsure until about 15 minutes ago, but yes, I will hit the studio to do my Philip Kotler piece… and yes, I did find out only 45 minutes before recording.

So exciting! Not sure if I’ll be able to get the whole audio recording of what I’m doing, but I can show you what I’ll be saying, verbatim. Check out my article here.

My stay here in Bulgaria and working for the National Radio is turning out to be such a great experience.

Mentos & Carlsberg

The whole Coca Cola Light & Mentos thing has slipped past few, but if you’re not familiar, have a look at this article. Without further ado, what happens when you put a Mentos in a Carlsberg.

EvilAngle – ElectrortcelE

An electrohouse mix building up steadily… Another good weekend mix!

Dubfire – Roadkill [EDX’s Acapulco At Night RMX] (00:00 – 07:59)
The Funk Monkeys – Remember The Times [Sebastien Leger RMX] (06:59 – 10:14)
New Young Pony Club – Get Lucky [Riton RMX] (09:29 – 15:24)
Chris Lake – To The Point (13:50 – 22:32)
Guy J – Night Loss (20:33 – 28:30)
Mikael Weill – Silmarions [Claude Von Stroke Mix] (27:26 – 32:35)
Chris Lake & Deadmau5 – I Thought Inside Out (31:36 – 37:09)
Invader – Desperate House [Sebastien Leger RMX] (36:39 – 41:58)
Public Enemy vs Ferry Corsten – Bring The Noise (40:59 – 46:20)
Duran Duran – Falling Down [Sebastien Leger Dub] (45:21 – 51:16)
Vitalic – La Rock 01 (49:47 – 55:14)
Daft Punk – Around The World [Kid Dub RMX] (54:50 – 60:51)
Dennis Christopher – It’s Not Right [Simmons and Christopher Dub Mix] (60:21 – 64:46)
Alex Gaudino – Destination Calabria [Nari and Milani Club Mix] (63:47 – 71:13)
Sebastien Leger – Little Bug (69:42 – 75:08)


Daily things I do to make this world a better place

  • Recycle. After reading about the problems plastic is causing in this world (essentially all plastic ever produced is still in existence), I try to make sure to recycle all plastic. When my friend, not knowing about the recycling of plastic in Bulgaria (it’s something we don’t do in Holland… “Boo!”) threw what was meant to be recycled in a normal dumpster, I almost went dumpster diving… Before I did, I questioned my sanity and decided I needed some more time to think about it so I didn’t dive in after all.
  • Like in Holland, bottles of beer have a ‘return-fee’ on it. However, I did not know this in the first weeks I was here. The deal is… when you return a bottle, you have to take one out also. I doubt that there will ever be a moment where I’ll be buying 40 half litre bottles of beer, so every now and then I put some bottles outside for the poor scavengers to take advantage of.
  • Turn off electric stuff, heating, etc. Even though I love coming home in a warm house, or though I would like to make potential burglars think there’s someone home… the planet cannot afford this. Besides that, it’s cheaper to keep stuff turned off.
  • Every day I try to read or participate in at least something regarding activism. Online usually. For instance, I became a volunteer journalist for
  • By sponsoring, you can actually help finance solutions for a lot of problems in this world, one click per day. Check this out.
  • Most important: vote with your money! When presented with a choice, favor the company who’s more eco-friendly, or does other things to make this world a better place. Don’t go to McDonalds, Burger King, etc. Don’t buy Disney products (not like I would, but still). Stop giving your money to evil corporations. Consider buying a hybrid so you stop fueling oil wars. Your car is burning the blood of innocent (and less innocent) people. Read what people are doing with this (click). Or about shareholder activism.

Plus, I probably talk about this stuff every day. Spreading awareness is the start. More people need to be aware, so more people will start taking action. Might be stuff I’m forgetting here. Plus there’s stuff I don’t do daily.

Maybe another time.

Great quote from Kotler

At the press conference here in Sofia, Kotler answered the following upon being asked by a journalist whether he had ever made any statements in his books which turned out to be wrong over time:

Well, I would sound arrogant if I said I never made any mistakes…
and I’d be foolish if I told you what they were..
So I really can’t even think of an answer for the question.