Last night goes into the ‘crazy’ category.

EDIT — Forgot to include the end of the night.. fuck it. It was crazy. Alright? Alright.

What happened? During work I got a call from James (an Erasmus student and friend from England) to see if I had time to hang out. After work we met up and somehow I got into a very outgoing state. After about half an hour James had to go to another part of the city to teach English and I went to my apartment. After sitting at my apartment for about 45 minutes and mixing some music, I decided that it would be stupid to stay inside with all the life going on outside. I decided to relive the experiences my first weeks again.So I went outside, walking towards the university, with the plan to talk to strangers and see where it would get me.

The plan soon changed when I ran into an American guy I know called Trey. We crashed a class (come on, they were in a bar..), had a beer and then got on the bus to Studentski Grad where we would have dinner with James, Pieter (Belgium) and Emil (Holland).

After dinner we went back to Pieter and Emil’s place and for some reason we thought it was a good idea to play a drinking game. This is where Romain (France (sorry if I misspelled your name)) After a couple of shots of beer, and a couple of shots of rum, we quit playing. Then some Bulgarian girls showed up and we all watched the newest episode of Southpark. Good times.

Then we went to a bar. Pretty alternative place. Really cool. Forgot the name. Had some beer, had more beer, had more beer. Watched people I know make out, watched people go home together. As I was outside with Pieter we managed to run into some Belgian-Bulgarians (not sure how that worked, was a bit drunk at the time). We had a good laugh and made plans to go out tonight.

They have my number. We’ll see what happens. That would be crazy. Their energy and our group’s energy… combined… Nuclear fusion.

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