Saving the Shroom

So it appears that they set up a way to protest the Dutch government’s decision to ban ‘magic mushrooms’. On there is an email you can sign which is automatically sent to the parliament and ministers. Apparently Monday afternoon, 10,000 people had signed it already… Tuesday morning, this was 20,000!

They’re taking more initiatives than just that, so be sure to check out their website. At least SEND AN EMAIL! They also give a bunch of great reasons why these mushrooms should not be banned:

  • According to a report investigating the risks of mushrooms, they are NOT addictive (CAM/RIVM). I believe this is the same report that the minister is basing his decision on.
  • Nobody ever died from a mushroom overdose.
  • Mushrooms literally expand the mind. Taking this freedom away from people should not occur in a democratic country.
  • Shrooms grow freely in nature all around Europe. Consumers could look for them in the forests and pick toxic ones instead (it is said that this has caused deaths in France).
  • Shrooms give the user a personal, mystical, insight-giving and special experience. A research report of the American MAPS institute reaffirms this.
  • With the right information and consumption advice the chances of a bad trip are minimal.
  • After the ban, shrooms will be sold on the street, without information or advice. The number of accidents is likely to rise.
  • Except for with young tourists, shroom-consumption has not led to any problems. Irresponsible usage of shrooms by tourists can be prevented by Amsterdam’s mayor’s, Job Cohen, proposed 3-day plan.
  • The same dealers that would sell shrooms, would also sell cocaine, XTC and other synthetics of questionable quality.
  • Banned substances have a bigger appeal to youngsters.
  • Hunting down drug producers costs the government a lot of money, without the production or consumption decreasing.
  • Shrooms are easy to grow at home, which makes it hard to ban them.

This list was translated from here.

So take action now and send an email!


9 Responses

  1. Hey Bas,
    Saw your comment on their site. Small circles right? 🙂
    We really gotta stop this law, it’s soooo stupid…even Homer wouldn’t pass it…


  2. Especially Homer. Did you see that psychedelic scene in the last Simpsons movie? It was awesome.

    Or did you mean Homer the philosopher? 😉

  3. I heard about this too, but I’m not too bothered by it. I’m a bit confused by some of the points you raise in the list provided.


    ‘With the right information and consumption advice the chances of a bad trip are minimal.’

    What does this mean? It’s very confusing because people who are not in a good state of mind are more likely to suffer a bad trip than people who are. It’s suggests that if you are provided with information then the chances of a bad trip are unlikely – that’s not really true if you’re not in a good state of mind. Also, it’s not really apparent what a good state of mind is, so it’s a bit of a lottery.


    The same dealers that would sell shrooms, would also sell cocaine, XTC and other synthetics of questionable quality.

    Basically I have to raise the question – so what? That’s not really relevant to any debate on magic mushrooms. All are illegal drugs – what difference does it make that dealers also provide them.

    That said, I personally think governments should have a much more permissive attitude towards drugs. Ecstasy in the UK might as well be legal – it’s so easy to obtain. If people want to take it, they’re hardly going to kill themselves. Illegal drug deaths are so minimal compared to deaths related to legal drugs. I might have sounded against shrooms by raising the points above, but I just want pro drugs supporters to tighten their arguments and not be completely vague like the government so often is!

  4. When it comes to your first point…

    Good information would include the fact that it is incredibly STUPID to take mushrooms when you’re not in a good state of mind and not ready for a heavy experience. If you’ve been feeling down a lot, it’s almost a guarantee for a bad trip.

    I’d rather have the government making money off drugs through taxes, which they can reinvest in education or other things, than drug dealers who invest it in other criminal activities and organized crime. I’m not saying they all do, but by keeping it legal you minimize the chances of this.

  5. […] Shroom #2 Posted on Friday, October 19, 2007 by Bas Just in case you haven’t taken action against the Dutch government’s plans to ban mushrooms […]

  6. The dealers mix it with other stuff so you get addicted. You will buy more they will earn more and you become a junk. That is how big criminals earn easy money.

  7. this is very upsetting, the netherlands one of the very few last free societys left. Once prohibition becomes the norm we can only know what would come next….

    this prohibition is one of the worst ideas human beings ever cam up with to deal with addiction/usage.

  8. hi i want to khow if L.S.A is legal,is it true????

  9. It’s legal, yes.

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