Doesn’t really work. Well, to make things clear: today, Wednesday, I went to the dentist. For the first time in a really, really long time (take how long you thing and multiply it by two or three). Because I wanted to? Hell no. Eastern Europe would be the last place where I’d choose to go to a dentist, but I had to. I won’t get into the specifics, thank me later.

So I called the Dutch embassy yesterday to find out what a good dentist would be. Then I asked around some more for English-speaking dentists, since I’m skeptical of diplomats. I was referred to the same dentist with great enthusiasm for about 3 times, so I decided it was the right choice. As I knew the treatment was likely to involve removing a molar or at least involving some cutting and slashing, you can understand that I was a bit nervous when I got in. I really had to concentrate to put what looked like a signature on some form (my trademark when it comes to signatures is the uniqueness that every one of them has; no two signatures are alike!).

So then I got into ‘the chair’. Here it began. Honestly though… I don’t know why people bitch so bad about dentists. What was going to take half an hour took one and a half hour (yes it was that bad), but wow was I able to calm down. The only thing on my mind was dentistry and my breathing. I had to calm myself down and I did. At some moments I was really enjoying the marvels of this bright light, 2 sets of blue eyes looking into me, a metal staff which made a noise and had a golden glow because of the light above me… and some tube somewhere near my head that made a noise like someone was really being over-enthusiastic with the last bit of their milkshake (took me a while to figure out what it was… and that it was in my mouth).

I have to say, I’m very happy with what the guy did. I’m planning on visiting him more often (some more stuff to fix, might as well get it done with), but I don’t hope on making it a habit if you know what I mean ;-).


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