Junta generals and soldiers jailed by Myanmar government

Great news!!

Myanmar’s ruling junta have detained five generals and more than 400 soldiers for disobeying orders to shoot and beat monks and other activists who took part in recent protests in Yangon, an official said Monday.The official, who asked for anonymity out of fear he would be punished by the junta, said it was the first sign of divisions in the country’s secretive establishment.

“The five generals expressed their refusal to deploy their troops against the monks openly. They were then quickly put into detention by the junta.

“Some 400 soldiers of the Sikai Division near Mandalay (Myanmar’s second largest city) also put down their guns in front of the monks, and asked for their forgiveness as they fully realized they had committed the biggest sin,” he told The Jakarta Post.

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6 Responses

  1. Burmese military should be rule by these 5 Generals who truly love and loyal to their own race, people and nation. 5 Generals who have guts to stand for justice and face evil with courage and dignity. Generals who does not commit murder for senseless cause.

  2. A military government is never an option. There can be no freedom under generals.

    Please spare Myanmar from such an American type of freedom. I believe the Burmese people should not be locked up without charges, their government should not be allowed to listen to all their phone calls. I hope one day the people of the US will be free.

    P.S. If this seems unprovoked, just have a look at the websites of the commenter above.

  3. Clarification:

    There is misunderstanding here. I mention “Burmese military” and NOT “Burma” or “MyanMar”. In other words the decent 5 Generals should lead the military INSTITUTION and NOT the nation. There’s a huge difference between ruling or commanding the military and ruling or commanding the country. Please read my post carefully and try to understand when I mean. 5 Generals are the Generals who refuse to shoot the Buddhist Monks. These are “Good” Generals who should rule the military INSTITUTION and ONLY military matters. The separation of military and politics should be implement in future democratic Burma/MyanMar.

    This is my individual insight. Nothing to do with Americans or America. I do not represent none. I represent ME and ME only.


  4. Please read “what” I mean instead of “when” I mean.

  5. Ah, that’s how you meant it.

    Not too sure about it. It’s not as bad an idea as what I thought it said before. The thing is, they have passively supported the oppression for so long. IF democracy came to Burma, as the people there want it, I’m not sure where I’d stand on the military. I’m tempted to say that all the generals should be fired from their jobs (and some a bit more than that), but it’s a tough one since that would result in a situation where rebellious groups would want to take power and declare their own type of democracy.

    Thanks for clarifying your words.

  6. I admit it will be a very hard job to sent the Generals back to the barracks a place where they came from. It all started with General Ne Win the first dictator of Burma who took the state power by coup in 1962 not to mention he massacre many University students. The military hates the students, especially University students for the students are more educated/smarter than most officers including the dictator himself. The military don’t want any one that is superior or intelligent than them. They see the students as enemies. They closed the Universities, Colleges and Schools many times indefinitely. He transform the nation and changed the National Flag ( the current one) and also change the Constitution in 1974 and ruled for 26 years continuously (1962-1988). In 1988 peoples’ revolt happened and the military massacre in thousands again. Another General take over and continue the rule. The lesser then officers, now current Generals (Than Shwe-Maung Aye) copy cat exactly what their godfather dictator Ne Win did by implementing absolute power and planning to change the Constitution and the National Flag again. In the name of democracy these Generals taking decades of time to fool the people and the world. In the end the Buddhist Monks and people had enough of this crap and rise up and revolt and the world see what these evil Generals are doing as usual. They shut up the demonstrators by killing them or arresting them. These are their ways and this is their technique. They know no other way to shut up the adversaries rather than to murder them. This is what’s happening right now. In the mist of this, 5 Generals stoop up knowingly they will be taken into jail and refuse to shoot the Buddhist Monks. These 5 Generals let go their high ranks and positions, rather than listen to a schizophrenic paranoid superior General Than Shwe’s order. After ruling for 45 years of military rule it will be very hard for any democratic Government to put the Generals back to barracks. Yes I admit that. In my opinion the younger officers clean from old and outdated senior officers’ influence should be appointed as leading commanders (to rule the military institution and handle military affairs only) and give them “hefty incentives” to stay as Generals and stay out of politics. Most of the senior officers should be fired or retired from the military post.

    Just my personal thinking.

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