So last Sunday I burned my hand because a certain someone (James ;-)) poured some boiling water over my hand. I used to work in a bar so it’s nothing I haven’t experienced before, but this time it wasn’t me that was causing it, so it didn’t stop immediately… And I didn’t really feel it when it hit my hand so I held it right under it for about a second or two. I held it under cold water for a minute or two (much longer than I would have at the bar) and then decided I was bored and that irresponsibility is much more fun anyway.

Yesterday I decided though, that it would probably be a good idea to get some cream for it. I have no idea where the idea came from, but I guess some part of my mind is telling me what to do, since I don’t have my mom around to tell me what to do. Usually it’s my friends, well, female friends who are more concerned about my health than I am, but without this element, I’m on my own. So I did the smart thing, I went to the pharmacy.

If you don’t want to be bothered with learning a language, then make friends who do speak this language. I went inside, found out pretty soon that it was going to be very tough to speak English to them and basically I got pretty far. I was presented two products and I was asked a question which, apparently, was important. I couldn’t answer, so the woman started calling someone. The person she was calling didn’t pick up, so I indicated that I’d call a friend. So I did, I passed the phone to the woman and my friend helped me out. Turns out her mom has a pharmacy herself, so she was the right one to call.

They should really include instructions on how to use these things though. I sprayed some of the stuff on and it started expanding and expanding and it seemed enough to rub onto both my arms. And the smell! They should have a warning not to use it in public places. Then again, you’re probably not going to nurture your burns in a public place.


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