The cutest thing just happened!

Cute cats

Not as cute as this, but still pretty damn cute. So my neighbourhood has a lot of little shops and right outside my building there’s a small shop that sells alcohol and tobacco (and cable television, because the people in Bulgaria prefer to share one subscription than have 10 different ones).  Normally I only come in there when I have a hang-over and desperately need a coffee, but today I actually wanted alcohol. So I went inside to get a liter bottle of beer (oh yes), but the only one they had was crap beer, so I decided to go for two half liters. I ran into the lady that works there yesterday in another shop and she was telling the lady in that particular shop that I was such a good boy etc. etc.

So I order two half liter bottles of Zagorka… and she gets one and tells me that that’s enough for me. Haha. Sweet old lady, if only you knew.


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