Crazy night out…

A Dutch girl, an Englishman, two Dutchmen and a Belgian dude… minus the girl = trouble. Trouble + cheap alcohol = last night.

So err… It all started with a phone call, as it always does. I decided to join the gang for dinner and then go for a couple of drinks. We went into a bar and all had a beer. As I was looking at the menu for a a nice cocktail (they’re like 2 euro’s here anyway) I noticed a particular cocktail… called the Old Seaman. So I asked James if he fancied some Old Seaman… (if you don’t get the joke you’re not old enough)  I showed him the menu and he ordered it immediately. This was the start of an hour of hilariousness and very lame jokes which should not be repeated in written word.

 James enjoying the Old Seaman

It was good, because we only had the one beer there and the Old Seaman, so we weren’t actually drunk. We were acting like it, but we weren’t. Then we headed down to a pub to watch a football match between Aston Villa and the Spurs. What a crazy game it was… So basically we’re drinking and drinking and drinking and talking (from time to time – there was football)… Actually I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves… Have a look, they speak a million words.

Click here for the gallery.



One Response

  1. Hehe, damn dude, that cheap is almost illegal.. Here everything is at least 10% more expensive than in Zhe Nederlaaandds, but yeah, I’m behaving most of the time.. WOW have something to tell you btw way.. Damn that’s an experience hehe..


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