Weekend in Sofia!

Living room in the park29-09-07-008.jpgMy flowers =)

So yesterday evening I was walking home, and I noticed people setting up a living room set in the park. Seemed to be related to a magazine launch, who cares. So I went home, got my stuff and went outside to take some pictures. Then I went to the barbershop on the corner and got myself my first Bulgarian haircut. 10 points for courage. Then it was getting dark, so I decided to go home and see if anyone was going out… I tried James, but he was tired, so no party.

Now I was at home, just surfing the internet and decided that’s not the way I’m going to live here. So around 11.30 I decided to go to Bilkova Apteka (herb pharmacy), a cool bar. I went there, but before I went in I was told it was closed… but it was okay to go inside if I was looking for people. So I went in anyway. Once there I ran into a guy I met there earlier. Tried ordering a beer, but no chance. He negotiated for me (he knows the people there) and I got my beer anyway. I decided to find out what’s a good place to go out on a Friday night, but they couldn’t really tell me.

Anyway, after a beer we all left and I headed to a club called Yalta, to see some American DJ play (kind of a London-style dance DJ). Was pretty good, but the whole place was packed with people trying to impress each other, so I left kind of early (3ish).

I woke up with a strange feeling in my body. I guess drinking beer, switching to vodka, drinking another beer, having a whiskey and then drinking another beer will do that to you ;-). So I decided that the first thing I should do was eat. So I went outside to the shop, got some cereals (oh yeahhh) and a bunch of other things, went to the shop nextdoor, bought grapes. Went to the shop across the street and got flowers. I suppose I was compensating for having a hang-over and I wanted to feel like I was doing something constructive.

Since I moved in to my apartment, I’ve had an empty vase that I’ve been desperate to fill. So finally I did it!

Later today I’m going to be hanging out with James and some Erasmus students in Studentski Grad (Student City)! It’s supposed to be an awesome place and I can kinda predict I’ll be hanging out there a lot in the next few months. So tonight is my introduction. Sweet. Then there’s supposed to be a drum ‘n bass party in Black Box again. I think we’ll check it out. Only 3 euros entrance fee anyway.

Oh, the weather here’s beautiful… 25 degrees & sunshine baby! 😉

Enjoy your weekends!

Go check out my new web album with pictures I made yesterday and today!

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