Quick update!

Just a very quick update!

Two nights ago I met a whole bunch of Erasmus students from France, Holland, Germany, Belgium and Lithuania through James, who I met through Facebook. First we went to watch 10 short movies, which all lasted about 10 minutes, in some cinema. The cinema was full, but they don’t really care when it comes to ticket sales, so err… there were a lot of people sitting on the floor (welcome to Bulgaria). Quite the experience.

Later on we went for a drink and everyone was slowly falling asleep so no party. Ahh well, had to go to work the next day anyway.

So yesterday I took it slow. Went to a restaurant which served some great food. Had fries with white cheese, brocolli, Brussels sprouts,  peas and small pieces of veal, with a little bit of lemon.. And a large beer. Total cost… 10.50 (excl. my tip), which amounts to about 5 euros. I love this country 😉

So now the weather is AWESOME. 27 degrees. Hence the minimal update. Going to go outside, enjoy the weather, make some pictures, see if I can meet some people. Tomorrow I’m probably taking the train out of Sofia to go swimming somewhere. The exact plan is still to be designed though. I guess I’ll have to buy some swimming trunks.

Oh, and I decided to start putting up restaurant reviews on my blog. Just so that whenever I’m alone in a restaurant, I can enjoy myself by making the waiters nervous with my pen and paper 😉


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