A tip for WordPress marketing

Notice that on the right-side of the frontpage you can see a list of tags. Next to this tag it says “more”, which will lead you to “Hot Topics” on WordPress. Use these as categories! If one of your categories is “Showbizz” for instance, see if there is a synonym that ranks higher, such as “Entertainment”. Use this instead. It will get you more page hits through category-tags. Especially with the addition/separation of categories and tags. Use the tags to be specific, use the categories to attract a broader group.

Specific: more likely to be a smaller group of visitors, but you can expect these visitors to be interested in the content.
Broad: more likely to be a bigger group of visitors, but expect a lot of them to not pay attention to the content so much.

Use both ways, especially if it’s this easy.

2 Responses

  1. Do you think this will be useful or just a duplication of current procedure?

  2. Not sure what you mean there, man.

    Anyway, for the people who know jack about internet marketing or web 2.0, this is useful. I’m no internet marketing guru, but everyone finds things out in their own way, and if everyone would share this, we’d have a great collective system going, I’d say.

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