EvilAngle – OldCore

small_su_logo.pngFinally managed to upload a new mix! Mostly 90s house, the harder mid-90s stuff I suppose. Check it out for the nostalgic value!!

Sadomasy & DJ One – Body Motion
House of Venus – Dish & Tell
R.F.T.R. – Extrasyn
DJ Dick – Weekend
Egma – Let The Bass Kick
Space Trax – Atomik Playboy
GTO – Listen to the Rhythm Flow
Slam – Positive Education
Cubic 22 – Night in Motion
2 Fabiola – Milkyway
Channel X – Rave the Rhythm
Angel Ice – Je N’aime Que Toi
T99 – Anastasia
Chakra – Let Your Body Talk
80 Aum – Mindcontroller
M.N.O. – God of Abraham
Country & Western – Reincarnation
Celvin Rotane – I Believe
Age of Love – The Age of Love
Exposure – Party Claps
DHS – House of God
J’N’J – The Ballet
Speedy J – Something for Your Mind
Meng Syndicate – Sonar System
L.A. Style – James Brown is Dead
Waxattack – Yess
Hocus Pocus – Here’s Johnny
Dream Your Dream – Soushkin
Jones & Stephenson – The First Rebirth
CJ Bolland – Camargue
Mainx – 88 to Piano
Atlantic Ocean – Waterfall
Highlander – Open Your Eyes
Dune – Rainbow to the Stars
Nightwalker – Vice Versa
Megaman – Megaman
Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo – Your Smile
Technohead – I Wanna Be a Hippy
Dionysis – Break On Through
The Prophet – Breakdown
Buzz Fuzz – Frequencies [Original XS 4 All Mix]
Nasty Django – Hardcore Muthafucka
DJ Neophyte and Evil Activities – One of These Days
Network23 – Wiggler

(Sorry, I’ll add the times later.)

At uploaded.to

Presented by The MiX-Files.


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