I was wrong

Turns out I’m not going to Blagoevrad.

Don’t feel sorry though… I’m going to a place called Sandanski which is very close to the Greek border and it’s going to be AWESOME. They informed me about the festival today. There will be graffiti and skateboarding, popular Balkan DJ’s (probably house/club), traditional music, discussions on problems in contemporary youth culture, et cetera. This place is like a resort I heard, the weather should be great, the whole town will be taken over by this youth festival and my stay there is (more or less) free! Plus with my press credentials I should be able to get to places you would normally not be able to get. Ahhh yeah! And I’m in a hotel with all the journalists attending, possible also the participants.  The only downside… none. Unless you’d hate journalism, which I don’t.

How can I ever return to my life in Holland? Haha. More info on the festival: right here. I don’t know if I’ll pop into an internetcafe there, because it would take away my time from enjoying this festival, but I’m definitely reporting about this when I get back. This will be interesting :-).

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  1. study is such hard work!!!! Festival in holland is something different! Hope you had a great time, after hearing Polish reggae can’t wait to hear what you thought of the festival, heavy metal group didn’t sound so heavy on the site!

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