Photo of the Day

Or “Снимка на деня”… Interesting Monday. A few things happened today, first of all check out this and this. I guess this is the first publication of one of my pictures, great 🙂

So what else.. I basically got to know some more people from Radio Bulgaria (the international channel) and got my first official assignment… I’ll be joining a reporter and traveling to Blagoevrad (I believe, not sure) to report on a three day festival. I have no idea about the logistics of it all, or what this festival is going to be like, but I’ll be informed tomorrow.

So I’ll be leaving for the south on Wednesday and won’t be back until Saturday, I guess. Time to get some more things sorted before I leave. Like the laundry.

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4 Responses

  1. Wicked!!

  2. Hehe you alcoholic bastard hahaha… I didn’t screw myself up that bad although my police encounter could have turned out way differently.. Next to that all is fine here. I’ll have to start taking some pictures or make little clips of my surroundings. Like the Tower of Babel story, well found, need to start some reflections of myself again. 4weeks is intresting although not all, some can be used for the higher purppose I guess. Let’s find out along the way, thnx for sending it. Be bold. Stay on top. Take care 😉

  3. Let’s be bold and beautiful.

    Daytime television is an important CornerStone (;-)) for modern day society…. ahem.

  4. Well it is actually. That is the reason for the increasing intelligence in the world (here’s where the “ahum” comes in) hehe.. How was the festival?

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