My first day at work

I’m going to enjoy this 🙂

When I come back to Holland, I owe Anton’s mother one for helping me get into BNR. Okay, there are three things that I’ll be doing in the next while.

1. Help with music programming for Radio Sofia (tune in). They launch the 17th, but are already broadcasting music and only music.
2. Work in the editing room for Radio Bulgaria. I’ll be co-responsible for editing the news on the English website, but also other content (I guess I’ll be using Photoshop and making slideshows, etc).
3. Join reporters and help them out. Awesome.

Today I met more people and more was explained to me. Plus, I programmed the Friday night music from midnight until 7. You only get about 1-2 hours to do it and I’m not familiar with the database of their music, so it was a lot of browsing, clicking, dragging without too much thinking and organizing. Which is too bad, but maybe this will change after the launch of the radio.

Anyway, this is great experience. I was already making mixes (2 will be uploaded soon) and now I can create playlists for the radio and help mix. Sweet. This exceeds my expectations. You can tune in on Friday (23.00-6.00 Dutch time) right here.

P.S. The video is going to be on Youtube too, but I have to go home and compress it before I can upload it. I want internet at home.. Pfff.
P.P.S. This weekend: travel to Veliko Turnovo and stay there one night and on Saturday I’ll watch Bulgaria vs Holland in Murphy’s, together with a group of Dutchmen stuck in Sofia 😉 Sweet.
P.P.P.S. I know it sounds like a lot to do in one weekend, but it’s a national holiday on Thursday and Friday, so no work. Cool.
P.P.P.P.S. Note to self: learn how to write posts without having to use so many P.S.’s.


3 Responses

  1. wow, you get to program and everything…thats awesome!

  2. Dude, sup dan? Fuck man, we’re doing alright!! Your radio adventure seems to be awesome, mr. Programmer! Hehe. See any opportunity to get your own stuff broadcasted as well? That would be multiple orgasm stuff!!

    I’m working on a project about the future of cities now, really interesting, there’s a congress in town here somewhere at the end of the month and I’m doing the banners which will be hung around in the hall where the congress will be held. Tomorrow I’m meeting with the client, by myself (3rd day of work, not bad at all I’d say) and going through my suggestions. My euhhh supervisor (don’t know what to call him actually) said “exellent job on the suggestions, go sell them, be creative, make them feel sexy” haha.. Nicenice!! This is the videoclip of the congress which is made by Designit

    Roommate is a really cewl dude too, hip-hop producer, just got his new cd and will be helping him to think about promotional activities within a couple of weeks so that’s nice too!

    Let’s have a skype gettogether soon, would be nice.

    Oh yeah, We’re sharing an office with Saatchi&Saatchi hehe.. cewl

    Hang loose!


  3. I think I could probably get my own stuff broadcasted, yes. They let me program Monday morning and Tuesday evening today… so I guess I’m moving up fast. People indicate that I’m more than they expected. Hooray!

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