My Appartment

Okay, I got a lot of requests of pictures of my appartment.. So I went the extra mile and made a video for you all to see. Take the tour here!


  1. Click the link: Sofia.wmv
  2. Scroll down to the security code.
  3. Type code and click submit.
  4. The next page will look very similar. Scroll down and you will see a button that says: Download.
  5. Click it!



7 Responses

  1. Dope crib. Nice job.


    ps. i like the balkan tune 😉

  2. ff wat anders dan je eerste kamer in Utrecht, je heb overal sta hoogte!

  3. Dude. Youtube, seriously.

  4. Yo,

    Looks very nice! You even have a TV. Congrats with your apartment.


  5. Heey broeder, ziet er goed uit hoor (Y) Als je dat in utrecht zou hebben zou het wel relaxed zijn :p

  6. Great place you have 🙂

    I liked very much the music you’ve found for the video. It was niice.

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