Phi Life Cypher – Rap It Up

Really cool and creative video! Just press play.

The recent crisis in Burma has shown that huge masses of people can be reached through the networks of blogs. Many bloggers dedicated to bringing the truth out have been doing so. They have been the voice of Burma, where it is hard for western news-outlets to report. One of these is Ko Htike (who I recently added to the links), who lives in London, but was able to obtain a lot of underground pictures and other media.

It looks like the blogs are organising. On the 4th of October, calls on all bloggers and website owners “to refrain from posting to their blogs on October 4 and just put up one Banner then, underlined with the words „Free Burma!“”. Please check out their website now and be a part of this!

“If you have no website or blog we need you even more: Please help us to spread the word while commenting on other blogs with our message/link, posting on forums, guestbooks and message boards, tell your neighbours, friends or kids and first of all: Sign our list of participants! Furthermore you can visit our Wiki for more information and organisation.

Spread the word

Please help to spread the word about the Free Burma! action.
Comment on blogs to promote our campaign, write website owners and forum admins to inform them, post on forums and guestbooks, tell your whole neighborhood about us. Digg, Technorati, Facebook, Stumble.”

I Cooked.

For the first time since I’ve been in this country (about a month) I made my own ‘meal’… or Sunday afternoon hangover-lunch as I like to call it. Discovered that I only had two pans and no spatula, which forced me to be a bit creative with how I prepared the meal.

– Half an apple (green, sour)
– A middle-small union
– A green, hot pepper (SMALL, unless you’re in Holland, you might need two ;-))
– One tomato
– 3 eggs
– Salt & pepper

Well, I’m not going to tell you how to prepare this. You can probably figure it out yourself. If not, well… It’s time to move out of your parents’ basement. This is what it looked like:


And this is what it tasted like:

Very nice, I like!

It’s someone’s birthday!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Baarrrrrrrrt
Happy birthday to you!

Chestit Rojden Den — Честит Рожден ден!



Just received the following email. Sounds very interesting and definitely something I’ll be participating in in the future.

Thanks for your interest in DailyMe.

DailyMe delivers your daily fill of news, information, blogs, articles, columns, and all the other stuff that you read each day, just the way you like it. We let you decide what’s most important to you when customizing the content and subject matter that you read. Whether you choose by category, keyword, profile, source or a combination of these methods…you are in control.

Every day we import hundreds of thousands of real-time articles and stories, from thousands of top-tier sources, in their entirety – so you won’t need to click on lots of links to other sites to finish what you are reading.

And there’s more…you set your delivery preferences and viewing format based on what works best for you. (Email, web view and print versions are available and coming soon a mobile/wireless version) We’ve even developed a proprietary software application that enables you to print your DailyMe automatically to a designated printer per your delivery schedule – no manual prompting, no user intervention.

Did we mention DailyMe is FREE?

So what we are is kind of a newspaper meets the internet combined with a social/community feel all in one – but you’d really need to experience DailyMe to see this for yourself.

Currently DailyMe is undergoing a final minor facelift before we open the doors for our public debut. More info to come, as we approach the big launch date…


Eduardo Hauser
Founder & CEO

I suppose it will be a bit like Google News, but more web 2.0-ish. Plus the biggest competitive advantage is the personalized web feed. Definitely looking forward to the launch of this service.

Bunnies again…

Another funny thing you can let the bunnies do…


Weekend in Sofia!

Living room in the park29-09-07-008.jpgMy flowers =)

So yesterday evening I was walking home, and I noticed people setting up a living room set in the park. Seemed to be related to a magazine launch, who cares. So I went home, got my stuff and went outside to take some pictures. Then I went to the barbershop on the corner and got myself my first Bulgarian haircut. 10 points for courage. Then it was getting dark, so I decided to go home and see if anyone was going out… I tried James, but he was tired, so no party.

Now I was at home, just surfing the internet and decided that’s not the way I’m going to live here. So around 11.30 I decided to go to Bilkova Apteka (herb pharmacy), a cool bar. I went there, but before I went in I was told it was closed… but it was okay to go inside if I was looking for people. So I went in anyway. Once there I ran into a guy I met there earlier. Tried ordering a beer, but no chance. He negotiated for me (he knows the people there) and I got my beer anyway. I decided to find out what’s a good place to go out on a Friday night, but they couldn’t really tell me.

Anyway, after a beer we all left and I headed to a club called Yalta, to see some American DJ play (kind of a London-style dance DJ). Was pretty good, but the whole place was packed with people trying to impress each other, so I left kind of early (3ish).

I woke up with a strange feeling in my body. I guess drinking beer, switching to vodka, drinking another beer, having a whiskey and then drinking another beer will do that to you ;-). So I decided that the first thing I should do was eat. So I went outside to the shop, got some cereals (oh yeahhh) and a bunch of other things, went to the shop nextdoor, bought grapes. Went to the shop across the street and got flowers. I suppose I was compensating for having a hang-over and I wanted to feel like I was doing something constructive.

Since I moved in to my apartment, I’ve had an empty vase that I’ve been desperate to fill. So finally I did it!

Later today I’m going to be hanging out with James and some Erasmus students in Studentski Grad (Student City)! It’s supposed to be an awesome place and I can kinda predict I’ll be hanging out there a lot in the next few months. So tonight is my introduction. Sweet. Then there’s supposed to be a drum ‘n bass party in Black Box again. I think we’ll check it out. Only 3 euros entrance fee anyway.

Oh, the weather here’s beautiful… 25 degrees & sunshine baby! 😉

Enjoy your weekends!

Go check out my new web album with pictures I made yesterday and today!