Welcome to София

Well.. what can I say… this is a slightly different world. Wish I could upload pictures already, but I need to find a better internet center first.

A few things that struck me:
– Advertising EVERYWHERE. Imagine a marketeers wet-dream and then times two. It’s like they’re compensating for all the communistic years.
– Bad maintenance. I wonder how many people break their necks each year on the pavements. And then there’s the buildings, which look like they’re slowly crumbling to pieces.
– Less graffiti than in Holland. More basic styles most of the time, but when they go beyond the basic styles, it’s really a style of it’s own.
– People drive like crazy. My taxi trip from the airport to the hotel was very exciting 😉
– The center is packed with beautiful buildings. However my Lonely Planet guide says it’s mostly limited to the center.

Okay, I got to email some people and then head out to have a look at some appartments.


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