Last Day in Holland pt. 1

Well, what a great start of the day. I’m on the phone, calling my school to find out if there’s anyone there. We get into my mom’s car. While I’m wondering why we’re not driving away, I find out that there’s nobody in and I need them to sign some forms before I go. I hang up to find out the car’s battery is dead.

I grab my bike to go to the city’s administration so I can indicate I’m temporarily not residing in Holland. They gave me forms to fill out, get signed by one of my parents and I needed to bring copies of my passports. After doing that, I decided to call my school again and managed to get someone on the phone who said that it’s likely people won’t be in today.

Awesome. This day can only get better now.

– Meet up with Anton (he’s Bulgarian and can hook me up with some contacts in Sofia, I guess, but besides that, he’s a friend I haven’t seen in a while);
– Pack;
– Decide on whether to buy shoes today or not;
– Hand in former work clothes at my former work place.

I guess that’s about it. I so don’t feel like this. Updates later.

One Response

  1. crazy day, almost everything went wrong! tomorrow is going to be better!

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