moving-001.jpgAnother thing DONE! I’ve moved all my stuff to my parents’ house and am going to stay there for the next few days. This is not totally true, because tonight I’ll be seeing friends and staying over at my mate Bouwe, who lives in the same building as I do/did. If you feel like meeting up, head over to the Tivoli in Utrecht after midnight. The picture to the right is my dad and little brother, Mark, who both helped out great. As you can see, we were well on our way of clearing my room.

There was some stuff in my room that I had no use for, but I didn’t want to waste it by throwing it away either. Sustainability and recycling begins at home, in this case literally. So what I did is the following, I put whatever I didn’t want in the hallway and put a “Free Stuff” sign over it. Someone must be interested in one of my books, instrument thingies (don’t know the name, you blow them and they give this buzzy sound), inflatable boxing plastic thing, or magazines. Don’t throw away what you can give away.

Free Stuff!

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