So I just read this…

Police arrest participants in gypsy riots
The Bulgarian police have arrested three men for the recent riots in the district of Krasna polyana in Sofia, the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office told the Bulgarian BTA news agency. A fourth man had been released on bail. The group has been charged with hooliganism. One of the men has been accused also of infliction of slight bodily injury, while another one has been alleged of disobedience to the law enforcing authorities. On the eve of August 14 some 200 Roma ravaged a pub in the area, but tensions went higher on the following evening, when more than 300 Roma armed with staffs and axes raised havoc about the residential quarter. The initial story was that they had been retaliating for Roma ending battered by skinheads, but later it had been refuted.

Okay, now I’m nervous 😉


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